There are many benefits to having a new home built from the ground up. You can customize the home based on your needs and choose special energy efficiency features to help save on utility bills. Your builder likely offered a warranty that covers many components of the new construction. If this is the case, it is important to remember to order a builder’s warranty inspection on a new home before it expires. Here are some reasons why this is a smart choice.

New Doesn’t Mean Perfect

While your new home doesn’t have damage from the wear and tear of previous owners, there may still be issues. No matter how reputable the general contractor is, there is always the chance for error in the many moving parts of constructing a home.

Materials could be defective or a system might not have been installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. Between all of the different subcontractors, something could have fallen through the cracks that may cause a more significant problem over time.

Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection on a New Home While You Still Can

A builder’s warranty is typically active for one year after move-in. Each warranty has different coverage specifications so make sure to read through it carefully. When you hire a third-party professional home inspector to conduct a builder’s warranty inspection, you will receive a report describing the condition of numerous systems and components of the home.

If repairs are needed, you can use this report to file a request for them to be fixed under the builder’s warranty. If the problems are found after the warranty expires, the builder is no longer responsible.

You Will Be Glad You Did at Resale

One day you might decide to sell your home, and you will benefit from having ordered a builder’s warranty inspection on a new home. When items are fixed under the warranty, you don’t need to worry about them surfacing during your buyer’s inspection. While problems can still come up during their property inspection, you will at least know that they weren’t the builder’s fault.

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