Your roofing is your home’s most important barrier from the sun and rain. This part of the house protects everything underneath. By making repairs and replacing your roof when necessary, you will keep your family and your belongings safe from the elements. Look for these signs you need a new roof to determine when it’s time for a replacement.

1. Missing Shingles

If you notice that your shingles are warped or falling off, have a roofing expert take a look to assess the amount of damage. A few missing shingles can be replaced if the rest of the roof is still in great shape. Large patches of missing or damaged shingles are one of the signs you need a new roof.

2. Signs You Need a New Roof After Storm Damage

Severe storms can cause problems for your home and your roofing. Look for signs you need a new roof after a storm. Check for leaks in the attic and check the roof for damage from large branches and strong winds. Have a professional examine your property to determine the severity of any issues.

3. Age is One of the Signs You Need a New Roof

Roofs don’t last forever. Research how long your type of roof is expected to last. An asphalt shingle roof can last 20-30 years depending on maintenance and the quality of the shingles. If your roof has reached its life expectancy, create a timeline and a budget to have it replaced. It is easier and less expensive to have a new roof installed before your old roof gives out.

4. You May Need a New Roof if You Notice Water Damage

If your roof has been damaged or is getting old, watch for water damage in the attic or on the ceilings. Water rings or brown water stains on the ceiling indicate holes in the roofing. If you notice streaks or staining of the wood or damp insulation in the attic, call a professional to inspect your roofing.

Benefits of a New Roof

To protect your family and your belongings, keep your roof in good shape. Look for these signs you need a new roof to spot problems before they turn into emergencies. There are benefits to investing in a new roof before the damage is severe. Wait too long and you might have to repair other parts of your home as well. If you suspect problems with your roof, hire a home inspector to evaluate its condition.

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