Every year, thousands of homes catch fire. Damage from a fire can be minimized if the home is properly equipped with smoke detectors. Below are tips for proper smoke detector placement in your home.

1) Placement of Smoke Detectors Should Include Each Bedroom

People relax or sleep in their bedrooms, making them less aware of the environment around them. It is important that each bedroom has a smoke detector. The smoke detector should be placed over the entry door to the bedroom to catch the smoke as early as possible.

2) Install Smoke Detectors in the Living Room and Near Stairwells

In other parts of the home, place a smoke detector in the living areas and near any stairwells. Fires that start on the lower level of a home will work their way up, so a smoke detector on the first floor will alert occupants before the fire spreads throughout the home.

3) Proper Smoke Detector Placement is High On Walls

Since smoke rises, mount your smoke detector high on the walls or on the ceiling. Be sure to choose a spot well away from air vents and drafts. On a wall, the proper smoke detector placement is about one foot from the ceiling.

Make sure you have an easy way to access the smoke detector to test it and change the batteries. The batteries should typically last 1-3 years, but it’s important to test your smoke detectors every six months.

4) On a Pitched Ceiling, Place Smoke Detectors Three Feet From the Top

Many homes have a pitched roof. In those rooms, you will want to mount the smoke detector about three feet from the highest point in the ceiling. Research has shown that this height is the most effective smoke detector placement on a pitched ceiling.

Keeping Your Home Safe With Proper Smoke Detector Placement

Make sure to install enough smoke detectors in your home and keep fresh batteries on hand. You can find smoke detectors at your local home improvement store and online. By practicing proper smoke detector placement, you give you and your family the best possible chance to detect and survive a house fire.

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